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To Portal or Not to Portal for Sourcing? Eight Reasons why Direct Emails to Suppliers is a Better Approach

  • June 4, 2024
  • 2 Mins Read
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Many customers ask us why QSTRAT doesn’t offer a supplier portal for sourcing. Sourcing requires clear communication, efficiency, and strong supplier relationships. While supplier portals are popular for streamlining interactions, direct email communications often have distinct advantages. Here’s why direct emails, especially like those generated from the QSTRAT system, can be a superior method for sourcing:

  1. Personalized Communication

Direct emails allow for tailored interactions, addressing specific supplier capabilities and history. This personalization fosters stronger relationships and shows suppliers their contributions are valued, leading to better collaboration and terms.

  1. Flexibility and Ease of Use

Emails are straightforward and familiar to everyone. Suppliers don’t need to learn a new system, making communication more flexible and adaptable to urgent needs.

  1. Quicker Response Times

Emails enable quicker supplier responses to queries and proposals. Suppliers can respond at their convenience, often faster than navigating a portal’s rigid workflows.

  1. Lower Costs and Complexity

Implementing a supplier portal is costly and complex, requiring significant investment. Email communication leverages existing tools, reducing costs and the need for additional training.

  1. Fewer Technical Issues

Supplier portals can face technical issues like downtime or cyber-attacks, disrupting the sourcing process. Emails, being a mature technology, are more reliable and less prone to such issues.

  1. Enhanced Relationship Building

Direct emails facilitate more human connections, building trust and rapport. Suppliers appreciate direct contact, feeling more valued and engaged than through a portal interface.

  1. Simplified Compliance and Documentation

Tracking email communications within a system like QSTRAT ensures easy traceability and consistent information distribution. This method is simpler and more adaptable than relying on a portal for updates.

  1. Ease of Engaging with New Suppliers

Onboarding new suppliers through a portal can be cumbersome. Direct emails streamline initial engagement, making it quicker and easier to integrate new suppliers into the sourcing process.

Conclusion: The Power of Direct Emails

While supplier portals offer benefits, direct emails to suppliers can be more effective, particularly for those prioritizing personal relationships and flexibility. Personalized communication, flexibility, quicker response times, lower costs, fewer technical issues, enhanced relationship building, simplified documentation, and easier onboarding make direct emails a compelling choice.

QSTRAT Sourcing & Supplier Management has always leveraged the direct approach to supplier communications, and we believe strongly in its benefits for both buyers and suppliers.

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