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Maximizing Decision-Making Potential: The Crucial Role of an Effective Sourcing System

In today’s data-driven business landscape, information is king. Every decision, whether strategic or tactical, hinges on the quality, relevance, and timeliness of the available data. Delivering accurate, complete and validated […]

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The Backbone of Cost Estimation: The Crucial Role of Effective Sourcing in Manufacturing

Introduction: In the often challenging landscape of manufacturing, cost estimation serves as the compass guiding businesses through the turbulent waters of profitability. However, beneath the surface of this crucial process […]

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Fuel your data-driven business with quotation software

Business activity in the industrial sector is characterized by a relatively volatile marketplace, one impacted by global economic forces and longer-term trends. This environment along with the scale and costs […]

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Is your quoting process still based on error-prone spreadsheets?

You’ve finally keyed in the last piece of information into your costing spreadsheet – after days of back and forth with suppliers – and submitted your quote to the client. […]


How to Drive More Accurate Customer Quotes by Implementing a Cost Engineering System

Cost engineering manages project costs through tasks such as cost control, estimation, cost prediction, risk analysis, and investment appraisal. It is vital in terms of calculating return on investment when […]