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QSTRAT Distributor Quoting works
in seven easy steps:

What can QSTRAT Distributor Quoting do for you?

Replace siloed, manual, labor intensive processes with an efficient, error-proofed quoting workflow. For less than half the annual cost of a full-time employee, QSTRAT will reduce your labor cost, eliminate costly errors, and increase the velocity of your sales cycles.


  • Unify supplier responses using PDF integration that updates QSTRAT automatically
  • Incorporate cost drivers including customs, logistics, or any other custom element
  • Built in approval processing with full workflow management
  • Generate customer quote with full workflow management
  • Award business and automate order entry into your execution system
  • Manage a quoting library of customers, products and vendors
Cost-based quoting

Compare QSTRAT Sourcing
to a portal solution

Customer Quoting QSTRAT Distributor Quoting Stand Alone Quoting Solution
Automatically load customer RFQs into system for management tracking and control
Automatically check for stock and contracted pricing for known SKUs
Connect directly with Sourcing function for items requiring Supplier RFQ
Normalize supplier responses through Landed Cost calculation
Develop customer pricing using selected source cost for quoting
Generate customer quote and send directly to end customer
Track quoting process with integrated workflow
Speed: leverage data to find, copy, edit & re-use similar RFx’s
Drive efficient follow up with customers
Integrated Sourcing Process QSTRAT Distributor Quoting Stand Alone Quoting Solution
Generate supplier sourcing event using customer requirements with no added data entry
Issue RFx’s as electronic forms directly to suppliers
Buyer and supplier receive instant receipt of bids
Compare all bid responses in real time
Zero training for suppliers
Zero software cost to suppliers
Suppliers view and respond to RFx eForms with nothing more than a Free Adobe PDF Reader
View 3D technical/engineering drawings with nothing more than a Free Adobe PDF Reader
Speed: leverage data to find, copy, edit & re-use similar RFx’s
Change Management: Vault and track all changes from one location
SOX Compliance: complete audit trail including time, date and name stamp for every communication
Complete and accurate supplier responses every time
More time to focus on meeting cost reduction targets
Re-certify suppliers globally with only a few keystrokes
Automatically track all communications with suppliers in one location
Industry standard architecture to enable ERP/MRP integration
Complete supplier management capability built-in


Deployments are tailored to your organizational needs.

QSTRAT offers on-demand, on-premise or hybrid deployment options

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