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QLM Quoting Software for Distributors

Instantly generate highly accurate quotes.

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Quoting Software Benefits

QStrat’s Quoting Software for Distributors is the only solution in the industry that brings all the pieces together in one system and integrated process.

Other time-saving features of our quoting software solution include:

  • Automated order entry to your ERP
  • Customized material libraries
  • Real-time collaboration and sharing capabilities
  • Advanced text search functionality for easy navigation
  • Systematically capture responses immediately without the need for suppliers to access a supplier portal
  • Level the field by applying cost drivers to supplier pricing for logistics, customs or other added elements
  • Build and adjust customer pricing based on selected supplier responses and definable margin rates
  • Set approvals and checkpoints with built in configurable workflow management
  • Preview/Send Formal customer quote document and systematically recognize customer acceptance/PO for initiation of Order Processing

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All of these features bring the following benefits to distributors:

  • Accelerate sales cycles. Make every sale faster by consolidating the quoting and sourcing timeline. QSTRAT’s software helps you compile and compare supplier responses, select the most cost-effective options, and automatically generate a customer-facing proposal. We offer the fastest quote times in the industry.
  • Automate Pricing. Manual price setting is impractical in the modern, fast-paced sales environment. Quoting software is the best way to guarantee optimal price configurations based on Supplier quotes, no matter how many variables you’d like to analyze. Capabilities also include custom configurations and feature-specific configurations to ensure complete flexibility.
  • Automated proposal generation. A comprehensive CPQ software solution doesn’t just make quoting easy, it makes quoting automatic. Define system rules to generate an optimized proposal, then review, approve, and send the quote all from the same interface.
  • Unified Sourcing and Quoting . Our solution fully integrates the Supplier and Customer quote. This provides the ability to respond to changing Customer demands quickly. Suppliers can be asked to requote on changing volumes or specs and the new data is instantly visible in the Customer quote.

Distributor Quoting & Sourcing Management

QLM software is perfect for distributors supporting OEM operations with MRO or fastener needs, as well as contract manufacturers or Job Shops that outsource work for production or prototyping.

All of these benefits derive from the structure of QStrat’s software suite. As a full-featured quotation management system, our family of software includes flexible applications for creating and tracking quotes and costs. All of the applications are web-based, making them suitable for both remote and on-site management tasks.

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