Accelerate your sales process in an
increasingly custom demand world

The only cloud-based unified quoting and
sourcing software in the industry

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What can QSTRAT Distributor Quoting do for you?

Replace siloed, manual, labor intensive processes with an efficient, error-proofed quoting workflow. For less than half the annual cost of a full-time employee, QSTRAT will reduce your labor cost, eliminate costly errors, and increase the velocity of your sales cycles.


  • Unify supplier responses using PDF integration that updates QSTRAT automatically
  • Incorporate cost drivers including customs, logistics, or any other custom element
  • Built in approval processing with full workflow management
  • Generate customer quote with full workflow management
  • Award business and automate order entry into your execution system
  • Manage a quoting library of customers, products and vendors
Cost-based quoting


Deployments are tailored to your organizational needs.

QSTRAT offers on-demand, on-premise or hybrid deployment options

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