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Your entire sourcing process done at the click of a button

QSTRAT Sourcing features secure PDF technology for the creation of RFQs and analysis of the collected data. The software also offers quotation lifecycle management and supplier management.

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Automate the RFQ process
and see dramatic increases in efficiencies

  • Reduce the effort required to prepare quotes in the sales and sourcing areas
  • Quickly generate more accurate quotes by standardizing inputs, automating calculations, and accounting for all price variables
  • Unify supplier responses electronically without having to setup a complicated portal
  • Accelerate proposal generation with centralized review and approval

Real time updates

Leverage RSS technology with QSTRAT Quote-Cast™ to make real time updates a reality.

Want to know the status of a particular RFQ, supplier response or pricing change? Quote-Cast will automatically send updates to your mobile device or laptop the second the event happens.

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The QSTRAT Suite supports and facilitates business processes in the Quotation Lifecycle from interactions with your customers to interactions with your suppliers and allows for ease of collaboration with all departments within your orgranization.

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