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Optimize your Quoting, Sourcing and Supplier Management Activities

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QLM Sourcing

Solve your Strategic Sourcing and
Supplier Management challenges with QLM Sourcing!

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Streamline your Customer Quotation Process
with real time tracking, workflow and metrics.

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Our Activity Based Costing Solution will lead
to more accurate cost and margin analysis before
the customer quote is delivered!

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QLM Distributor Quoting

One Platform for Customer and Supplier Interactions


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QSTRAT Consulting Services

ERP or CRM Solutions

QSTRAT provides integration services with ERP and CRM applications

ERP Strategic Advisory Services

Our proven process provides a readiness scorecard and recommended action plan

Automotive Sequencing

The essence of automotive sequencing is for suppliers to deliver parts to the manufacturers just in time.

What Our Clients Say

KSR International Co.

Up and Running with QLM Sourcing in 5 Days

“Our team is now utilizing a much more efficient process to collaborate, deliver and evaluate RFQs. This is a significant process improvement for us from the days of managing emails, faxes and spreadsheets.”

BAE Industries, INC.

QStrat Helped BAE Become a Better Manufacturer

“For BAE, QLM Sourcing is much more than a great tool to compare price, labor, raw material, packaging, and transportation among our suppliers. It’s helping BAE become a better manufacturer by using QLM Sourcing as a learning tool for suppliers. Through this process we are driving our quality initiatives forward.”

Driv-Lok Inc.

Accurately Track Projected vs. True Costs

“By leveraging the QLM suite of products with our existing MFG/PRO and Cyberquery solutions we can now accurately quote, track successes and measure our accuracy of our projected costs versus our true costs when entered into our MFG/PRO system.”

Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

The Strategic Sourcing team at Carl Zeiss leverages the QLM Sourcing application for gathering initial and follow up information from potential suppliers as a key component of their New Product Development and ongoing Engineering Change processes.

The team uses the QLM Sourcing application to collect over 50 separate data elements from qualified suppliers as the bid for future business. The information collected and analyzed by the Zeiss team drives follow on activities such as trial and sample runs, and into full production volumes.

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Manufacturer’s Supply Company

Manufacturer’s Supply Company leverages the QLM Sourcing application as a key component of their material sourcing and customer quoting process. As a distributor in the industrial space Mansco is continually being asked to support diverse requirements from manufacturers looking for support in the supply and management of fasteners. This requires a consolidated quoting process with support across a wide supply chain for a high volume of items.

Improvements from the implementation of QLM Sourcing allowed Mansco to increase business by threefold without adding headcount in the quoting department.

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Pinnacle Defense Systems

QLM is a game changer. Easy to use, navigate and quick. Processing RFQ’s is no longer a chore.

We can’t say enough about QLM and how it has changed the way we do business for the better.

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