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Success Stories

KSR International

Up and running with QLM Sourcing in 5 days “Our team is now utilizing a much more efficient process to collaborate, deliver and evaluate RFQs. This is a significant process improvement for us from the days of managing emails, faxes and spreadsheets.”

BAE Industries

QStrat helped BAE become a better manufacturer “For BAE, QLM Sourcing is much more than a great tool to compare price, labor, raw material, packaging, and transportation among our suppliers. It’s helping BAE become a better manufacturer by using QLM Sourcing as a learning tool for suppliers. Through this process we are driving our quality initiatives forward.


Accurately track projected vs. true costs “By leveraging the QLM suite of products with our existing MFG/PRO and Cyberquery solutions we can now accurately quote, track successes and measure our accuracy of our projected costs versus our true costs when entered into our MFG/PRO system.”