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QLM Sourcing and Quoting for Industrial

Solutions Built for the Industrial Sector

Business activity in the industrial sector is characterized by a relatively volatile marketplace impacted by global economic forces and longer term trends. This environment along with the scale and costs involved in many industrial projects results in a lengthy and complex quotation management process. This dynamic model translates from the OEMs to the rest of the supply chain, making an integrated system and process key to a company’s success.

Whether your company is operating as an OEM or material Supplier, the requirements to respond to a quote in this industry, and what you ask for from your suppliers continues to expand in form and content.

QLM Advantages for the Industrial Sector customer

QSTRAT solutions provide Industrial Sector Manufacturers and Distributors the ability to:

   Increase win rates by proactively gathering current information both internally and externally
   Build a database of both customer and supplier RFQs
   Easily standardize collection of all required supporting data from suppliers, incorporating different requirements by commodity
   Implement a “re-bid” cycle for all production materials to ensure contracts are always current market tested
   Increase material cost reductions through better application of existing procurement resources
   Drive big improvements to the material and service sourcing process while continuing to meet all regulatory requirements
   Track and trace all progress and communications across the quoting process to ensure quotes are captured and delivered on-time and every-time
   Capture and store quality and process certifications internally and across the supply chain, develop and institutionalize a true “Approved Supplier List” (ASL)y

Customer Success Story

Manufacturer’s Supply Company

Manufacturer’s Supply Company leverages the QLM Sourcing application as a key component of their material sourcing and customer quoting process. As a distributor in the industrial space Mansco is continually being asked to support diverse requirements from manufacturers looking for support in the supply and management of fasteners. This requires a consolidated quoting process with support across a wide supply chain for a high volume of items.

Improvements from the implementation of QLM Sourcing allowed Mansco to increase business by threefold without adding headcount in the quoting department.

We focus on streamlining the Sourcing and Quoting process for Manufacturers and Distributors in the Automotive, Industrial, Medical Devices, Aerospace and High Tech Industries.

QStrat has been an innovative provider in the sourcing software space since 1999.