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QLM Sourcing and Quoting for High-Tech

Solutions Built for the High-Tech Industry

Manufacturers in the electronics and high-tech industry, rely on their organization’s ability to continually innovate and then to effectively manage the changes that result.

Companies in this marketplace are faced with constant pressure on margins from customers as well as suppliers, while working within dynamic global supply chains. Material availability, unique challenges with international shipments and other uncontrolled factors are all cost elements often out of one’s control. Managing this variety of challenges must also be completed in an age of increasingly stringent standards and industry regulations.

QLM Advantages for the High-Tech Industry

QSTRAT solutions provide Electronics and High-Tech Manufacturers and Distributors the ability to:

   Increase quoting velocity and win rates by proactively gathering detailed information from both internal and external contributors within one seamless process
   Build an analytical and functional database of both customer and supporting supplier RFQs
   Leverage an e-RFQ process for all elements of your cost models, from material to out-sourced manufacturing services
   Implement a “re-bid” cycle for all production materials to ensure contracts are always current market tested
   Increase material cost reductions through better application of existing procurement resources
   Measure and manage a dynamic and flexible quotation process with tracking of communications across the organization and a configurable work-flow engine to ensure the highest quality quotes are captured and delivered on-time and every-time
   Develop and manage a global Approved Supplier List based on performance in quoting and execution

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We focus on streamlining the Sourcing and Quoting process for Manufacturers and Distributors in the Automotive, Industrial, Medical Devices, Aerospace and High Tech Industries.

QStrat has been an innovative provider in the sourcing software space since 1999.