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QLM Sourcing and Quoting for Automotive

Solutions Built for Automotive

The Automotive Industry is growing, and the Industry faces unprecedented demand for quality, cost efficiency and new technologies.

The starting point to address these challenges is the New Product Introduction process – new programs and models.
QLM supports all players in the Automotive Supply Chain in quoting and sourcing the products of the future.  New product development activity has never been higher or more important.


QLM Advantages for Automotive

For Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers and Distributors providing key components, QLM provides the tools to quote effectively and efficiently

Support Global Quote Teams to ensure your quote meets Customer Expectations

Manage your Suppliers to ensure your quote meets and RFQ’s to meet cost targets

Accurately compile product costs using ABC costing

Customer Success Stories

BAE Industries
QStrat helped BAE become a better manufacturer “For BAE, QLM Sourcing is much more than a great tool to compare price, labor, raw material, packaging, and transportation among our suppliers. It’s helping BAE become a better manufacturer by using QLM Sourcing as a learning tool for suppliers.

We focus on streamlining the Sourcing and Quoting process for Manufacturers and Distributors in the Automotive, Industrial, Medical Devices, Aerospace and High Tech Industries.

QSTRAT has been an innovative provider in the sourcing software space since 1999.