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Using Categories to Manage Supplier Lists

QLM Sourcing provides the ability to categorize your suppliers to help you quickly find, manage and assign them to RFQs! You define categories to manage supplier lists. Categories group your suppliers using terms that help you find, manage and assign your suppliers to RFQs quickly and easily.

Different organizations may want to organize suppliers by categories such as region, size, commodity or product, and any other label that is significant to their business processes. It is quite normal to want to view suppliers based on criteria such as commodity, region, size and minority supplier groupings – or any combination.

1. Define categories in QLM Sourcing

suppliercategories 1

2. Assign suppliers to one or more categories

Edit an existing supplier and assign a category to that supplier. suppliercategories 2

3. Use category filtering to subset your long list of suppliers down to a manageable size

Categories may be used to filter the list of suppliers from a very long list to a short, manageable list that applies to your specific requirement. In the Filter box, select categories one at a time to build a very specific list. As you can see in the example below, our three Filter categories identify only one supplier that is assigned to all shown. To remove a category from your criteria, click the “X” at the end of its box and it will be removed.

suppliercategories 3

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