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Track your cost trends with QLM Sourcing reports

Track your cost trends with QLM Sourcing reports

Tracking part costs is an important function for buyers. With our latest release, QLM Sourcing has added new reporting capabilities that allow you to determine your cost trend. It allows you a bird’s eye view of your part costs instead of just focusing on one RFx at a time. You can  search the entire database of quotations received from your suppliers for all time or within a specified date range.  The resulting graphs plots a trend and just by a glance you will be able to tell which direction part prices are going and if there are any cyclical trends. Further, it reports on total dollars awarded.  With just a few keystrokes, you can better armed to manage your supplier relationships.

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Simply start typing in the part number and our system will help you find the part easily.  You can add multiple spellings for the same part (or different part numbers that might refer to the same component) for a combined analysis. While QLM Sourcing comes with a standard set of reports, we can easily add custom reports that meets your organization’s needs. Contact us to learn more.


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