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Send RFQ attachments: an under-appreciated benefit of using sourcing software

Any procurement process is only as good as the communication within it. Clear, effective, two-way communication between buyers and suppliers is critically important. Buyers need to be able to provide a complete set of specifications to suppliers to allow an accurate quotation to be provided. Suppliers need to be able to inform buyers about any changes or enhancements to specifications so the context of the quotation is clearly understood. While this is a tall task, to send RFQ attachments is to help both buyers and suppliers communicate better with one another.

The communication of specifications in either direction is often in the form of drawings, marked up drawings, specification sheets, or other documents.  When a buyer is creating an RFQ, the ability to add specification documents as attachments is available at both the complete RFQ level or for individual parts contained in that RFQ.


Send RFQ attachments

Attachments may be either specific files attached to the RFQ or a link to a web site or ftp: site where the information may be found. Files can be of any format including engineering drawings.

Send RFQ Attachments

Send RFQ level attachments (files or links)


Buyer Item or Line Level RFQ Attachments

A particular item included in the RFQ may have specifications identified as attachments. Once again, the specification may be a file attached to the line item or a link to a web or ftp: site that contains the information.

Send RFQ attachments

Line level attachments to RFQs are possible using QLM Sourcing


This makes the whole process easy to manage as all documents, such as contracts, drawings, technical specifications, etc. are captured and stored in one place.

Further, QLM Sourcing makes tracking documents even easier by also allowing suppliers to respond with attachments using QLM Sourcing. When it comes to sourcing software, the ability to send RFQ attachments is an under appreciated feature that helps improve buyer/supplier communication.   Learn more about QStrat’s QLM Sourcing Software.

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