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Receive RFQ attachments from your suppliers

When you send suppliers an RFQ using QLM Sourcing , they can response with attachments all within the fillable Adobe PDF interface.  QLM Sourcing automatically tracks and manages all these attachments so as a buyer you can focus on the important details. To receive RFQ attachments is to make the life of a buyer much easier.


Receive RFQ Attachments from Suppliers

When a supplier is responding to an RFQ, it is one easy step to attach the files containing necessary information to the RFQ. Click the button at the bottom of the form to Attach file(s). Select the file you want to attach. Then click the Submit button and the file will be sent along with the RFQ response.

supplier - add RFQ attachments

Suppliers can easily add files to their RFQ response


The buyer will be able to review the attached file when quote responses are viewed in QuoteCube™. Any supplier response that includes an attachment will have a paperclip icon next to their name. The Buyer clicks on the paperclip and can review the attached file.


supplier RFQ attachments

Buyers can view which suppliers have added attachments by simply scanning responses


QLM Sourcing allows buyers to attach documents with ease so suppliers can have maximum information at hand.  Learn more

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