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Top 10 Quoting Software Features for Manufacturers

Top 10 Quoting Software for Manufacturers

Top 10 Quoting Software Features For Manufacturers


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Industry-leading quoting software speeds up your sales cycle, increases your win rate and gross margins. 

More and more, customers are demanding:

  • Faster response time on requests for quote
  • Quote responses that meet their specific requirements and formats
  • Included visibility of product costs and margins
  • Ability to generate multiple pricing scenarios based on potential volumes
  • Increased responsibility for supply chain stability

Key Quoting Software Features 

  • Easily Import Customer Requirements – Take in details from customers in different formats and translate them into your system
  • Collaboration and Workflow – Coordinate activity across internal departments to manage the build of a comprehensive response
  • Document Management – Collect and control all supporting documentation, drawings, CAD data, product specifications
  • Product Costing – Full manufacturing cost build-up capabilities, including multi-level BOMs, routings, overheads, etc.
  • Material Economics – Consider future commodity price projections in cost models
  • Unified Sourcing and Quoting – Integrating sourcing of new components and raw materials as part of the quoting and costing process ensures the most up to date cost is used at all levels
  • Automated Price Generation – Analyzes configurable variables to develop optimal selling prices 
  • Automated Proposal Generation – Generate proposals in multiple customer designated formats
  • CRM/ERP – Connecting with other business systems for key data and system events
  • Reporting and Analytics – Dashboard and drill-down into quotation metrics 

Why Automate the Quotation Management Process?

Implementation of a quoting solution delivers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Faster Quote Response – By streamlining the quoting and sourcing timeline, sales happen faster. 
  • Real-time collaboration, sharing, and approval capabilities
  • Error reduction in costing and pricing and higher quality of response
  • Elimination of late responses to customer deadlines
  • Single source of quoting information allows for analysis and re-use vs islands of information
  • Build and adjust customer pricing based on multiple costing scenarios

QSTRAT’s QLM Software for Manufacturing

Quotation software for manufacturing is a vital tool for many businesses. By streamlining various pricing, quoting, communication, and organization tasks into one interface, businesses benefit from quicker sales and improved efficiency. QSTRAT is a leading provider of comprehensive and effective Quotation Lifecycle Management software.

For more information, or to get started on your QLM solution, contact us today.


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