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March 27 Webinar – MEET OUR EXPERT GUEST PANELIST – Harold (Hal) Good


With the March 27th Beyond Accuracy: How Distributors Are Transforming Customer Experience In The Digital Age Webinar, we are seeking to do more than providing you with timely information on how the digital age will impact your organization. We want to take your experience to the next level through a highly interactive discussion featuring some of our industry’s top thought leaders.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to one of the panelists who will be participating in the webinar discussion; Harold (Hal) Good, CPPO.


Harold (Hal) Good, CPPO

Procurement Advisor, IBM Futurist and Influencer

Pittsburgh, United States

A Certified multi-disciplinary business leader with over 30 years experience in public and private procurement and public-private partnerships. Portfolio of successful complex projects for a major university hospital, airport, convention center, and city & county government agencies. Inducted into the CPO Rising Procurement Hall of Fame, Harvard Club, Boston MA – 2016, “IBM Futurist” since May, 2015. Recipient of NIGP’s second highest national award, “Distinguished Service Award – 2002


“Throughout my career, I have continued to carry the message of the importance of procurement in organizations, especially a procurement department, which has learned to define and deliver “value” working collaboratively with client agencies and in harmony with the organizational mission.”

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