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Improving Vendor Management for Manufacturers With QStrat Solutions

Using Software to Improve Vendor Management

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In the manufacturing sector, maintaining and managing your relationships with your vendors is essential to ensuring your company can obtain the products and services you need for your business operations. Manufacturers generally have relationships with dozens to hundreds of vendors, each of which has a different point of contact, contractual terms, and pay rates. As the number of vendor relationships increases, so does the complexity of vendor relationship management operations, which raises the risk of overpaying for goods and services or wasting money on hidden costs. 

Manually managing vendor relationships is possible, but it can take a significant amount of time and money to do so properly. For this reason, many manufacturers rely on vendor management software to keep track of each of their vendors, including their point of contact, contract terms, pay rates, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about vendor management and how to conduct it effectively and efficiently, continue reading the article below. 

What Is Vendor Management?

Vendor management encompasses a variety of processes related to vendor relationships, such as: 

  • Researching and sourcing potential vendors
  • Obtaining quotes from potential vendors
  • Negotiating contract terms with new vendors
  • Managing existing vendor relationships
  • Evaluating the performance of existing vendors
  • Submitting payments to vendor partners

Streamlining all of these processes helps you achieve better operational efficiency and you and your vendor partners mutually benefit from the business relationship. However, this goal necessitates careful planning and constant vigilance. 

Vendor management operations can be broken into four basic steps: 

  • Establishing your business goals. You must establish your business goals.
  • Choosing the appropriate vendor(s). You must select vendors that can help you achieve your established business goals. 
  • Managing vendors. Your vendor managers must continually monitor vendor performance, ensure compliance with contractual terms, provide input and feedback, and maintain open communication. 
  • Ensuring vendors meet your business goals. You must work to ensure your vendors help you meet your business goals consistently throughout the course of your relationships. 

Vendor Management Best Practices for Manufacturers

There are many strategies you can employ to ensure your vendor management operations are successful, such as: 

  • Building and maintaining strong relationships. At the start of each new vendor relationship, it is important to identify your needs, expectations, preferred methods of communication, and suitable meeting times to save you from future headaches due to misunderstandings. Additionally, you should keep in mind that you’re working with a human, so try to form a personal connection with the point of contact to show you’re invested in the relationship. 
  • Setting and revisiting expectations. While you should choose a vendor that is clearly capable of meeting your needs, you should set your expectations and define your desires after the contract is signed and regularly throughout the course of your relationship to ensure you remain on the same page. 
  • Providing insight into current and future needs. Your needs may change throughout the course of your relationship with a vendor. It is essential to communicate any changes to the vendor as they may have other or new offerings that better suit your new needs. 

Advantages of Vendor Management Oversight Software

As indicated above, manually managing vendor relationships can be expensive and time-consuming. In addition to better efficiency, vendor management software offers a number of other advantages over manual vendor management methods, including:

  • Lower risk of missing or incorrect information
  • Faster process cycle times
  • Better compliance with government, industry, and stakeholder demands
  • Broader analytical capabilities (e.g., reporting and forecasting)
  • Stronger supply chain 
  • Greater transparency in business engagements

QLM Sourcing: Register and Qualify Your Suppliers Using Your Criteria

At QStrat, we provide manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers with sourcing, quoting, and costing software solutions to help streamline their supply chain operations. Our QLM Sourcing software allows manufacturing customers to automate the management of all of their sourcing projects and supplier contracts in a centralized location, which can lead to the following: 

  • Reduced costs and better-managed supplier relationships
  • Streamlined and automated processes and communications
  • Easier supplier bid comparisons and evaluations
  • Better decision tracking and cost-saving opportunity identification
  • Simpler spend analysis and faster savings

Amplify Your Spending Power and Lower Costs With QLM Sourcing

Replacing manual vendor management operations with vendor management software can lead to significant cost savings and profit increases for manufacturing companies. If you’re looking for a solution that can amplify your spending power and lower your operational costs, QStrat has got you covered.

To learn more about QLM Sourcing and how it can benefit your company, contact us today. 

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