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How to simplify and automate using RFQ software

As a sourcing professional, you are likely experiencing email and spreadsheet overload. While your main concerns are really managing spend, reducing risk and increasing margin for your firm, creating RFQs, working with suppliers, evaluating bids, notifying winners (and losers), and writing detailed emails that could otherwise be automated are likely consuming a lot of your time. RFQ software can help.

QLM Sourcing  has been designed with your strategic goals  in mind while easing the burden of your day to day operations. This RFQ software allows you to easily issue RFQs to your suppliers, receive quote submissions, compare and notify winners in 5 easy steps.

RFQ software in 5 easy steps

step-1: Create or copy an RFQ form

1. Create a custom RFQ from templates

  • Choose from standardized templates
  • Easy to locate old RFQs for reuse
step-2: assign vendors to RFPs

2. Assign suppliers with ease

  • Easily maintained supplier database
  • Handles assignment & communication with multiple suppliers
step-3: issue the RFQ to suppliers

3. Issue an RFQ

  • RFQ issued in secure PDF Technology
  • Business rules built into standard form
step-4: receive quotations from suppliers

4. Receive quotations from suppliers

  • Supplier can quote off-line
  • Supplier fills out form in free Adobe® Reader®
step-5: compare RFP responses and award, all within RFQ software

5. Compare and award instantly

  • No re-keying.
  • Supplier submissions processed electronically
  • Award individual line items to different vendors
  • Automated notification process

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