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Errors Opening RFQ PDF Attachments

Suppliers can sometimes receive errors when trying to open the RFQ PDF attachment they receive in the email.

There are likely two problems.

  1. Adobe Reader must be v9.5 or higher. If it is not, an error will occur. They should download the latest version of Adobe Reader<>
  2. If the file is opening in a browser tab (Chrome does this because of Add-ins, IE does this because of Extensions) or just opens with an error, they will get a message something to the effect “Please Wait….your pdf should open shortly” and then it doesn’t open.  There are two options:
  3. Save the pdf attachment to their desktop. Right click the file icon (or file name in a directory list) and select “Open with Adobe Reader”. It will then work. This also works for Mac users who have a problem with the default Mac PDF reader opening the file.
  4. Turn off the add-in or extension in the browser. See the link from Adobe Reader on how to make it work properly in various browsers. .
    Attached in case the page moves and the reference is lost
    Acrobat Help Display PDF in browser Acrobat, Reader XI.htm

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