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Compare RFQ responses with ease using QuoteCube™

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor, one of the important aspects of evaluating quotes in from your suppliers is to perform a detailed cost-side analysis. Some quotes might seem very low or unrealistic, and as a purchaser you need to know what the detailed breakdown of costs are. You want to make sure the supplier has understood what they are quoting to reduce risk to all parties involved.

Traditional methods of quote comparison are time consuming. Excel or Word documents provide some advantage over paper-based methods, but they still aren’t enough to allow for a thorough costs comparison in a reasonable amount of time. You need to compare bids across dozens of different dimensions and suppliers have likely responded in a variety of formats. Further, they might have made several assumptions and omissions that make it difficult to understand by simply scanning the responses. It’s very likely that you have to manually correlate items by either copying data into excel and normalizing it, or printing out all the sheets to do a line by line comparison.


Make RFQ responses a breeze.

Use QLM Sourcing to quickly generate RFQs. When you issue these RFQs, your suppliers will receive fillable PDF forms that are generated by QLM Sourcing. Suppliers simply fill in the PDFs and respond to your custom generated RFQ on every dimension you have specified. Suppliers do not have to login to a custom system and there’s no usernames or passwords to setup. It’s that simple!


QLM Sourcing makes cost-side comparisons effortless.

With our powerful cloud-based software, you can close the loop from RFQ creation and issuance to detailed evaluation and award. Create a RFQ with the exact cost dimensions you want responses on. Whether you have three lines or three hundred lines, QLM Sourcing is designed for maximum flexibility. Issue customized RFP forms with a few simple clicks to suppliers of your choice.


Use QuoteCube™ to analyze quotes along dimension.

Using QLM Sourcing’s QuoteCube™, you can easily compare the quotes in one screen on every single dimension. Further, you can sort even cost dimensions of choice easily so that it’s easy for you to compare the most relevant ones. No more manual and tedious work for your supplier or you!


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