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BAE Industries Implements QStrat’s QLM Sourcing

BAE Industries Implements QStrat’s QLM Sourcing for Supplier Management

QStrat improves supply chain communications at automotive supplier

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – February 23, 2007 – QStrat, Inc., a leading provider of costing, quoting, and sourcing solutions for manufacturers has successfully implemented QLM Sourcing at BAE Industries in Auburn Hills, Mich.

“QLM Sourcing dramatically improves communications with our supply chain, while streamlining internal procedures at an affordable price point,” stated BAE senior buyer Derek Davis. Davis led the implementation of QLM Sourcing.

QLM Sourcing simplifies the exchange of information with downstream suppliers or internally between plants or divisions.  The easy to use application enables client specific forms to be completed in a secure environment, where the recipient needs only a web connection and a free Adobe Reader® license.

“Our team has adopted much more efficient supplier communication procedures- far more secure and professional than exchanging spreadsheets.  Now our suppliers simply respond to quotes by leveraging Adobe’s free technology. The BAE purchasing team receives, reviews, and compares quotes automatically. With all the information in one place, it is now much faster to track revisions – a welcome change from the varied emails, faxes, and phone calls.”

“QLM Sourcing is far more than a quoting solution.  BAE leverages it as a vendor management tool.  QLM Sourcing also allows us to track PPAP submission dates, and contains a powerful query tool for part and supplier history,” stated Davis.

For BAE, QLM Sourcing is much more than a great tool to compare labor, raw material, packaging, and transportation costs among suppliers.  It’s helping BAE become a better manufacturer by using QLM Sourcing as a learning tool for suppliers.  “Through this process we are driving our quality initiatives forward,” said Davis.

“Today’s market conditions demand organizations apply lean principals to every aspect of their business in order to remain competitive,” stated QStrat President, Barry Olson. “Our affordable ‘on-demand’ model enables customers to be up and running within a week without the traditional upfront capital funding.  QLM Sourcing is an easy and affordable way for companies to combat rising costs, streamline procedures and improve profitability.”

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