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Automate RFQ buyer/supplier communications

As a procurement professional, issuing and coordinating RFQ related communications can take up a lot of time. Writing a separate email for each event and maybe even for each supplier can get tiresome and can be error prone. QLM Sourcing software automates these communications while allowing you to customize various parts of the communication.  The screenshots below illustrate parts of this process to automate RFQ communications.

Choose suppliers to whom you want to issue the RFQ. Automate RFQ. Sourcing Supplier Management

Your suppliers receive an email with the fillable RFQ PDF attached along with instructions.  Automate RFQ - rfq-quote-request-email

The supplier can open up the RFQ and respond directly from the form using Adobe PDF reader.


You receive a notification by email that the supplier has responded to the RFQ.

The supplier will receive a copy of their response automatically as well.



You can compare responses for each part and each attribute in detail with a few clicks.




These attributes and their order of display are customizable.



When you award a contract, the supplier automatically gets an email like the one illustrated below from QLM

. rfq-award-email


As you can see from the illustrations above, a large part of the standard communications between you and your suppliers can be handed by QLM sourcing software.  Automate RFQ communication between you and your suppliers to free up a lot of time and allow you to focus on the RFQ contents and responses versus the logistical details.

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