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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Supplier Management for Sourcing

Extending Supplier Profiles for Improved Sourcing Activity Although creating a functional supplier profile might seem to be supplier management “101”, many organizations still manage information with a combination of spreadsheets and/or disconnected vendor/supplier address-master databases in ERP or other systems, that together lack the ability to create supplier capability or spend category identifiers that go [...]
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Improving Sourcing for Manufacturers With eSourcing Technology

Utilizing eSourcing Technology to Improve Sourcing for Manufacturers Sourcing is an essential step for every manufacturer. By using eSourcing technology, they can achieve higher cost savings, faster process cycle times, greater business transparency, and better control over their sourcing operations. However, some manufacturing companies do not understand what the technology can do, which can lead [...]
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Improving Vendor Management for Manufacturers With QStrat Solutions

Using Software to Improve Vendor Management In the manufacturing sector, maintaining and managing your relationships with your vendors is essential to ensuring your company can obtain the products and services you need for your business operations. Manufacturers generally have relationships with dozens to hundreds of vendors, each of which has a different point of contact, [...]
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